Waterbased Antistatic Additives & Coating Agents

Water based Antistatic Additives & Coating Agents

We offer Antistatic Additives & Coating Agents for various applications.
Water based, Antistatic / Antiblocking agent for food packing FDA approved and technical applications.

Antistatic Agents For foamed plastic (EPP, EPS)
Antistatic Additive For PP / LDPE / HDPE, for food packaging, FDA approved

for PS / HIPS / ABS / Rigid PVC, for food packing
Water based, Antifogging, Antiblocking Antistatic Agent For food packing, very suitable for PS

We offer – Antistatic Agents, Antifogging Agents and Antiblocking Agents For oriented films (BOPP, BOPET, etc.). This coating agent is a water based, ready-for-use solution (no dilution required) and it is suited for food packaging in compliance with the corresponding EC directives

Antiblocking Additives For PP/PE, for food packaging, FDA approve
Surface Resistance Measuring Device For the direct usage under production conditions and in the laboratory.

It can be used for the determination of the surface resistance of plastics in accordance with the DIN EN 61340-2-3 with a measuring range from 1 x 10^5 to >1 x 10^12 Ohm.

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